About us

Kirstie Brown
I've been involved in operational delivery and youth services management for about 30 years. I have a first-class degree, and qualifications in management and training. my experience includes running and developing youth clubs, youth voice and peer education programmes, research, promoting youth participation both for and with young people, curriculum and resource development, quality assurance and staff development and training.
I have been published twice; first with 'Words to the Wise: Successful peer education with young people' with the National Youth Agency and secondly with 'The Community Youth Club Handbook - everything you ned to know to start a youth club' with Somerset County Council.
For the last few years I've supported voluntary youth groups through Somerset County Council's Youth & Community Service. I now lead SCC's volunteer service.
In my spare time I indulge in cats (see below), nail art and I volunteer at Samaritans, with a weekly listening shift and helping deliver the Samaritans Initial Training for my local branch.

Jeff Brown
After jobs in the motor trade, pubs, clubs and retail, I became a youth worker in the public sector as a second (or third, depending on what you count) career, and held a variety of operational roles over about 15 years. I spent the last ten in youth services management and commissioning, responsible for Somerset County Council's Youth & Community Service, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and aspects of children's services. This included managing the transition from a successful youth work delivery service to a successful enabling service. I have broad experience of strategic and operational service management in public sector children's (as well as youth) services and a variety of voluntary organisations. My work has included commissioning, bid writing, performance management, project management, service development and redesign, and HR investigations.
I am display director with Pyrotastic Fireworks, helping provide bespoke, professional displays across the south and west of England. I'm also vice chair of Basingstoke Motor Club and organise and compete in a variety of motorsport events.  Spare time is spent mucking around with my own rally car and enjoying the cats.
Feline support team

We've been married for 14 years and are happily mad cat people. Our small clutter includes:
  • Lilith is a noisy 13 year-old and has been in charge since she arrived as a kitten. very vocal, very demanding, she is always pleased to see you - unless you're Morpheus or Ethelred.
  • Morpheus is a four-year-old brown tabby Maine Coon. Rangy, lithe and more than a little mad, he often channels Jack Sparrow's eye-swivelling pirate look. He loves Lilith and is fascinated by her.
  • Ethelred ('Red') is also four, and a red tabby (we say ginger) Maine Coon. Stocky and very fluffy, he leads a sedentary lifestyle and is often found sprawled across the desk. He too is an admirer of Lilith, but hides it better.
Without their support our lives would be less covered in fur, but much poorer!